Some Youtube Channels

Hi, I will just talk about some Youtube channels that are intended to be entertaining.


So first I will mention Fred ’cause that’s the way it’s going to be. Fred is a channel that is used for videos about a character named Fred. I personally think Fred is entertaining, but you might not agree. Fred is what I believe would be called “childish” by most, but it’s fun anyway. The actor is around seventeen years old, but he plays as a six-year-old that has a pretty interesting life. You probably already knew this channel, but just in case.

Next comes nigahiga, which is a good channel for funny things in general. If you watch it you’ll get the idea. This channel has got spoofs, random funny things and more.

Now comes realannoyingorange. The videos on this channel are pretty popular, so it’s no surprise if you know it already. The channel is often called “the annoying orange”. Well, the annoying orange is about an annoying orange that annoys other fruits and other nonhuman things. This orange has a new victim in every video, and he annoys them ’till they get destroyed. You’ll see.

Llamas with hats is a funny group of videos that are part of a channel named SecretAgentBob. This llama named Paul is trying to stop his friend Carl from ‘causing disasters. Paul is strange and eats people’s hands. Just watch it to get the point.

Alright, that’s all for now and I hope you enjoy the videos. Feel free to share another good channel in the comments.


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