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Murderbox PC: Is It Really Worth It?

The Murderbox PC. This new brand of computer uses the top of the line hardware with several gigabytes of RAM and overclocked CPUs. The CPU can be as fast as 4.0ghz depending on what model of the PC you buy. … Continue reading

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Browser Wars: They’re Stepping Up Their Game

With the most recent releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome, one thing is obvious: Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft are stepping up their game when it comes to their beloved browsers. The real show of this is Google Chrome, which … Continue reading

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More Social Networking Restrictions?!

California has proposed a new bill and if it were to pass it would require Facebook, Myspace, basically any social network, to strengthen their policies and this would essentially restrict them even more. The bill will basically force all social … Continue reading

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Chromium Notebook: My Views

Google has finally announced the release of their Chromium Notebook. This is a laptop with the Chrome operating system freshly installed and ready to go. It’s set to release June 15th and here’s some look at how this laptop will … Continue reading

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