Some Youtube Channels

Hi, I will just talk about some Youtube channels that are intended to be entertaining.


So first I will mention Fred ’cause that’s the way it’s going to be. Fred is a channel that is used for videos about a character named Fred. I personally think Fred is entertaining, but you might not agree. Fred is what I believe would be called “childish” by most, but it’s fun anyway. The actor is around seventeen years old, but he plays as a six-year-old that has a pretty interesting life. You probably already knew this channel, but just in case.

Next comes nigahiga, which is a good channel for funny things in general. If you watch it you’ll get the idea. This channel has got spoofs, random funny things and more.

Now comes realannoyingorange. The videos on this channel are pretty popular, so it’s no surprise if you know it already. The channel is often called “the annoying orange”. Well, the annoying orange is about an annoying orange that annoys other fruits and other nonhuman things. This orange has a new victim in every video, and he annoys them ’till they get destroyed. You’ll see.

Llamas with hats is a funny group of videos that are part of a channel named SecretAgentBob. This llama named Paul is trying to stop his friend Carl from ‘causing disasters. Paul is strange and eats people’s hands. Just watch it to get the point.

Alright, that’s all for now and I hope you enjoy the videos. Feel free to share another good channel in the comments.

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The GIMP Photo Editor

We’ve all wanted to do some photo editing at some point of our computer lives, and the first program that comes to our mind is Photoshop.  We’ve heard about Photoshop everywhere and we know that it’s one of the most popular photo editing programs in the world.  So we hopped on the website and, lo and behold, it was $700!  Luckily, there is a FREE alternative: GIMP.

GIMP is a free photo editor that was originally made to run on Linux, but it was later made to work on Windows, Mac, and other operating systems.  GIMP is a very powerful tool, but Photoshop still defeats it when it comes to the business place.

If you would like to find out more about GIMP, just go to  

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Some Cool MMORPGs

So, I will be talking about three pretty cool MMORPGs. I have not played WOW, and if you are reading this article you probably already know it, so I won’t bother explaining that one. Well, if you must know WOW is World of Warcraft, and you have to pay for it at some point if you do a certain thing, so yeah. OK, so the MMORPGs I will talk about are: Lineage 2, Flyff and Runescape.


You might know Runescape, since it is or at least was the most played free game in the world from what I’ve heard. So, some people just don’t like Runescape for some reason, but I think It’s good. Runescape is a browser MMORPG that requires the Java plug-in, and it’s just plain cool. Since the time I started playing RS it has changed so much. I just looked at the Runescape site for the first time in probably a year, and it seems like there has been some major updates. The reason I don’t play anymore is because I use my time for learning. And, just so you know, it’s 3D! Most browser MMORPGs are 2D. Runescape involves more than killing too, like wood cutting and fire making. You just have to try it out to truly see what it’s all about. There are different skills you want to level up, and stuff like that. So just try it out, it’s pretty neat, although to get the maximum amount of fun out of it you have to pay $5 a month. Here is a link for RS: Runescape.

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A glimpse at the graphics

Next I will talk about Lineage 2. Lineage 2 is just plain epic. It’s actually a game that you have to pay for and all, but there are lots of free servers. You can download the clients for the servers. So, when you create your first character you pick a race, hence the name I believe. There are humans, elves, dwarfs, dark elves, orcs and kamael. You can probably imagine the first five races, but maybe not kamaels. Kamaels are just like a type of angel. OK, so once your first character is picked, you level up and are later permitted to change classes. So if you are a plain human fighter, you later have the chance to become a rogue, a warrior, or a knight. If I picked knight for example, I will later be able to become a dark avenger or a paladin. If you’ve played an MMORPG before you should get the point. Here is a link to a Lineage 2 server site: Lineage 2 Blackbird. Please notice that if you use Lineage 2 Blackbird you might get used to leveling up really easily and might feel the true wrath of leveling if you make a transition to another server. I thought this server was really easy because I started out with a sever with a decent leveling system. I would give you a link to it, but it’s for people that speak Spanish. Below is an image of my L2 character in the Blackbird server casting a spell. Add me as a friend if you would like to and you figure out how.

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A glimpse at the graphics

OK, last, and although not least comes Flyff, or Fly For Fun. Flyff isn’t my favorite of the three, but it is a pretty good game. Flyff is pretty simple; it’s a game where you just pick your classes as you level up with flying as a theme. What makes Flyff unique is the flying theme. With certain things you can acquire brooms or hover boards you can fly with. Here is a link for Flyff: Flyff.

Here is a Lineage 2 trailer: Lineage 2. Those are the three games I would like to share with you. So you know I think there are plenty of Youtube videos on the game play of each of the games. I hope you find a game that entertains you. Bye!

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How to Protect Your Privacy Online

We’ve all seen the articles and news reports about Facebook’s privacy issues.  What with the Open Graph slowly coming into effect everywhere, it’s just all too easy to pick up your own personal stalker.  Let’s just face it, it is hard to retain your privacy anywhere online.  It’s not just difficult on Facebook.  Here are a few steps to maintain your privacy, or at least what little of you can maintain, on the giant social network and just online in general.

Remember the feature where you can check in to where you are with your mobile phone?  It’s like if I go to Starbucks and press the “Check-in” option on the Facebook app, it will be updated on my profile AND on my friends’ News Feed “Jared is at Starbucks.”  This feature will conjure you a stalker very quickly if you even use it.  If you don’t want people to know where you are then just don’t use the feature.  Simple as that.  But if you insist on “checking in” at every place you go, then at least check in AFTER you leave Starbucks.  (Just make sure that your coffee is in hand.)

No matter how odd this may seem there are actually privacy options on Facebook.  A smart thing for anyone to do would be to set all of those options to “friends only.”  This way only your friends will see what you post, upload, where you check in, etc.  Everything you do will still be stored for life on Facebook’s servers, but at least only your friends would be able to see most of the things on your profile.

There are many apps that give away a lot of what you’re doing.  An example would be Spotify which, when connected to Facebook, will post every song you listen to onto your profile exactly while you’re listening to them.  Not only that, but what you’re listening to will also appear in your friends’ ticker simultaneously!  If you don’t want what you listen to being known to your friends, then just don’t give Spotify permission to connect to your Facebook.  There are other Facebook apps that show what you read, as well, and the advice is the same:  just deny it access.  If you want to delete an app that you believe is making your information insecure, you can delete it under the “apps” page.

Finally, just don’t post what you don’t want known!  If you don’t want your information out there, just don’t post it.  Honestly, Facebook isn’t the problem most of the time when it comes to privacy issues.  The real problem is the people that post stupid things about themselves!  Don’t post what you don’t want known and all will be well.

What are some of the ways you secure your data online?  Let us know in the comments.


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I’m just going to talk about a basic little tool that you may want on your computer: Notepad++. Yes, it’s common, but if you don’t have it read on. Notepad++ is an application that allows you to edit text. This is NOT like plain notepad; Notepad++ highlights important parts in your texts depending on the type of file you’re working with, for example: if I was editing a C++ file, the text “int” would be highlighted in a color. The highlighting is very useful when your typing a lot for just about anything but plain text. It comes with highlighting for many languages like: Lua, C++, C#, Java, HTML, Assembly language etc.

Sorry, the image could not be displayed.

Here is a link: Notepad++. OK, now it’s your decision to make. I hope you found this useful.


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Eliminate Your Distractions in Three Simple Steps!

Have you ever sat down in front of you computer and vowed to complete a goal but you get too distracted to even get halfway through it?  Whether that goal be writing the next chapter of your novel, finishing the coding on your application’s menu, or finishing your homework; we all get too distracted to finish anything or to finishing anything quickly.  If this is because you are too plugged-in to technology, then there are a few simple solutions.

Step 1: Log out of Facebook!  Most teenagers in the current day and age always have that Facebook tab open and chatting away with friends and constantly updating their status.  It’s not just the teenagers, either!  Adults do the complete same thing, and I’m sure that some of them end up having to turn in their tax reports in late because of this.  If you’re a Facebook addict then just simply log out of Facebook and at least try to focus on the task at hand instead of dreaming up your next status update.

Step 2:  Turn off that cell phone!  Smart phones have come a long way in addictiveness, and it is far too easy to ignore that essay just to beat the next level in Angry Birds.  And well all know that it is a great feeling to be texted by the girl of your dreams or by your best friend, but sometimes turning off your iPhone to complete your homework will give you a great feeling as well.

Step 3:  Unplug the TV.  In the modern year of 2011 there are more couch potatoes than ever, and there is one reason for this: Television.  A lot of people have a TV in their room or office area, which also turns out to be the place they want to do most of their work.  Just unplug that flickering box of entertainment, or just simply hide the remote.  I mean, seriously, no one knows how to walk up and push a button anymore.

These are three nice to steps detailing how to eliminate your technological distractions.  Just apply these steps to anything else that may be a distraction to you. (Video games is a big one.)  You know the steps, now you just need to listen.  Have fun turning in those tax reports on time.


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How to get Started Making Your own Games!

Today I will be introducing you to game engines. A game engine is basically a tool kit for creating games. Now, there are some really powerful tools out there, but the more powerful ones are usually harder to learn. I haven’t mastered a single game engine completely, but I think something I would recommend would be Love Engine. Love Engine is for developing 2D games, but unless you plan on spending a lot of your time learning how to use a 3D game engine (which is what I am doing) you should try something like that out first. Sorry for being discouraging, but you will not be building an MMORPG (not a good one at least) without some experience, the explanation being that life is life, and that’s the way life is. It is no coincidence that to use most engines you have to know at least some programming; you just need to code stuff.

Now that we have the main idea out of the way, go ahead and start here: Love Engine. Note: I am not a professional, and these are novice recommendations, but they are educated. If you choose to start out with Love Engine, there are tutorials and guides on the website. It would be a GREAT idea to learn Lua before starting to use Love Engine. Lua is an open source programming language which is supposed to be easy to learn. Here is a Lua link: Lua.

If you notice you feel passionate about game development, and feel like you just want to master it and be awesome, go ahead! You want to make awesome 3D games? Here is an engine that has done some amazing things: Unreal Engine. Have you heard that you have to have money to use this? Well, there’s the free version. WAIT! Let me clarify, the UDK, (Unreal Development Kit) allows you to make your own games for commercial purposes with the condition that you pay 25% in royalties after you make your first $50,000, at the time of this writing, that is. UDK is the free version of the engine that was used to make Gears of War and Unreal Tournament III! There’s more! Unreal Engine does not only let you make games for personal computers, but also mobile devices! Do note, that this is not something you learn to use overnight. From my experience it takes time and patience to master this. If you wish to know about the licensing, or any general information for that matter, just look on the website.

Unity3D seems to be a nice engine. Unity is simple, yet it seems to be pretty good to me, and it supports mobile devices. I don’t have much experience at all with Unity, but what can I say? It works. Unity also seems to be significantly easier than the Unreal Engine to master. If you know Javascript or C# Unity will probably be easier for you to learn to use.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and good luck on making awesome games! Oh, and don’t forget about the blog that got you there!


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