Eliminate Your Distractions in Three Simple Steps!

Have you ever sat down in front of you computer and vowed to complete a goal but you get too distracted to even get halfway through it?  Whether that goal be writing the next chapter of your novel, finishing the coding on your application’s menu, or finishing your homework; we all get too distracted to finish anything or to finishing anything quickly.  If this is because you are too plugged-in to technology, then there are a few simple solutions.

Step 1: Log out of Facebook!  Most teenagers in the current day and age always have that Facebook tab open and chatting away with friends and constantly updating their status.  It’s not just the teenagers, either!  Adults do the complete same thing, and I’m sure that some of them end up having to turn in their tax reports in late because of this.  If you’re a Facebook addict then just simply log out of Facebook and at least try to focus on the task at hand instead of dreaming up your next status update.

Step 2:  Turn off that cell phone!  Smart phones have come a long way in addictiveness, and it is far too easy to ignore that essay just to beat the next level in Angry Birds.  And well all know that it is a great feeling to be texted by the girl of your dreams or by your best friend, but sometimes turning off your iPhone to complete your homework will give you a great feeling as well.

Step 3:  Unplug the TV.  In the modern year of 2011 there are more couch potatoes than ever, and there is one reason for this: Television.  A lot of people have a TV in their room or office area, which also turns out to be the place they want to do most of their work.  Just unplug that flickering box of entertainment, or just simply hide the remote.  I mean, seriously, no one knows how to walk up and push a button anymore.

These are three nice to steps detailing how to eliminate your technological distractions.  Just apply these steps to anything else that may be a distraction to you. (Video games is a big one.)  You know the steps, now you just need to listen.  Have fun turning in those tax reports on time.



About specialtechs

Jared's the name, computers are the game. This blog is about computer related material. I'll talk about the hottest software, operating systems and comparisons, hardware and issues, maybe even a written tutorial here and there.
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