How to get Started Making Your own Games!

Today I will be introducing you to game engines. A game engine is basically a tool kit for creating games. Now, there are some really powerful tools out there, but the more powerful ones are usually harder to learn. I haven’t mastered a single game engine completely, but I think something I would recommend would be Love Engine. Love Engine is for developing 2D games, but unless you plan on spending a lot of your time learning how to use a 3D game engine (which is what I am doing) you should try something like that out first. Sorry for being discouraging, but you will not be building an MMORPG (not a good one at least) without some experience, the explanation being that life is life, and that’s the way life is. It is no coincidence that to use most engines you have to know at least some programming; you just need to code stuff.

Now that we have the main idea out of the way, go ahead and start here: Love Engine. Note: I am not a professional, and these are novice recommendations, but they are educated. If you choose to start out with Love Engine, there are tutorials and guides on the website. It would be a GREAT idea to learn Lua before starting to use Love Engine. Lua is an open source programming language which is supposed to be easy to learn. Here is a Lua link: Lua.

If you notice you feel passionate about game development, and feel like you just want to master it and be awesome, go ahead! You want to make awesome 3D games? Here is an engine that has done some amazing things: Unreal Engine. Have you heard that you have to have money to use this? Well, there’s the free version. WAIT! Let me clarify, the UDK, (Unreal Development Kit) allows you to make your own games for commercial purposes with the condition that you pay 25% in royalties after you make your first $50,000, at the time of this writing, that is. UDK is the free version of the engine that was used to make Gears of War and Unreal Tournament III! There’s more! Unreal Engine does not only let you make games for personal computers, but also mobile devices! Do note, that this is not something you learn to use overnight. From my experience it takes time and patience to master this. If you wish to know about the licensing, or any general information for that matter, just look on the website.

Unity3D seems to be a nice engine. Unity is simple, yet it seems to be pretty good to me, and it supports mobile devices. I don’t have much experience at all with Unity, but what can I say? It works. Unity also seems to be significantly easier than the Unreal Engine to master. If you know Javascript or C# Unity will probably be easier for you to learn to use.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and good luck on making awesome games! Oh, and don’t forget about the blog that got you there!



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