Important News Update: New Posting Schedule!

You’ve read the title.  For the first time ever, SpecialTechs is going to have an official posting schedule!  I’ve recruited my friend, Kelly, to help me provide more posts to all of you.  Previously, when it was just me posting, I would just post whenever I felt like with no schedule or timeline to guide me.  This led to disorganization and a large time lapse in between posts.  This will happen no longer!

Kelly and I are going to alternate days for when we post.  For an example, this means that I will post on November 26th and he will post on November 27th, and so on and so forth.  This means that the SpecialTechs blog will receive at least one new post daily!  No more waiting days, weeks, or even months between a post now.  Check back everyday and your eyes will receive the beautiful sight of a fresh new blog post. Best of all, we will even sign the post so you know who was the writer. Enjoy!

(Please keep in mind that I am posting from the U.S. Eastern Standard Time Zone and Kelly is posting from the Honolulu Time Zone, so the days that you view the brand new posts may seem a little off for you.)



About specialtechs

Jared's the name, computers are the game. This blog is about computer related material. I'll talk about the hottest software, operating systems and comparisons, hardware and issues, maybe even a written tutorial here and there.
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