Finally! The Facebook Phone is True

It is in fact true!  The Facebook phone will finally be a real product and it shall be called “Buffy.”  According to All Things D the Facebook phone is most likely 12 to 18 months away from being in the stores, but consumers will wait patiently for such a thing.

Facebook, after considering Samsung, enlisted HTC to help create Buffy, which will have the social network at the center of its being.  Buffy will run on Google’s Android software which Facebook will tweak heavily to be exactly the way they want.  Although that it is great that Buffy will run on Android there will be some drawbacks with Facebook tweaking the operating system, such as not all apps from the Android Market may not work on the phone.

Will people still want to use Buffy even if not all apps will be available on the device?  Social Networking is a major part of most people’s lives, but many would rather have a numerous amount of apps instead of constant access to Facebook.  We’ll just have to wait to see what will happen when more about Buffy arises, but the fact that not all Android apps may not be available on her may damage sales.  Let’s remember that SpecialTechs prediction 12-18 months from now when Buffy is predicted to go on sale.


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Jared's the name, computers are the game. This blog is about computer related material. I'll talk about the hottest software, operating systems and comparisons, hardware and issues, maybe even a written tutorial here and there.
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