Murderbox PC: Is It Really Worth It?

The Murderbox PC. This new brand of computer uses the top of the line hardware with several gigabytes of RAM and overclocked CPUs. The CPU can be as fast as 4.0ghz depending on what model of the PC you buy. It also comes with an optimized water cooling system to better help prevent overheating. Better yet, these computers are made specifically for gaming!

All of this sounds great, right? A nice new computer with fantastic specs made just for gaming. If your as big a tech geek as I am, your mouth would be watering at the thought of this. And once you hear this next part your saliva will dry up. The starting price is $6,000! Wait, it gets even better. (Or worse). The most expensive Murderbox is $20,000.

That’s pretty expensive, right? In my opinion the worst part is the fact that it’s only guaranteed to run well for one year. So, is this Murderbox PC really worth the money? Well, if you gave enough  money to buy a new one every year, then sure, why not? Otherwise, I think it’s not worth the money. But go for it if you can roll out the dough.


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