Browser Wars: They’re Stepping Up Their Game

With the most recent releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome, one thing is obvious: Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft are stepping up their game when it comes to their beloved browsers.

The real show of this is Google Chrome, which most people found fantastic since its first release back in 2008. Chrome is one of the fastest browsers out there and it really shows. But ever since the release of Chrome it seems as though Microsoft and Mozilla scrambled to make a better web browser. With the release of Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4, it shows that their scrambling paid off. Both Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 gave us a new look, faster speeds, and more security. But so did Chrome 11, which was released in late March.

All in all, all three of these companies/foundations are in a giant competition with each other. A competition to see who can develop the best web browser and who can develop it the fastest. It’s apparent that Google has already thrown out showing off their browser’s version number. Traditionally, version numbers are used to show the level of importance of the newest update, but with Chrome being at version 11, Google has showed us that the need to be flashy with the version number isn’t important, but getting updates to the consumers is.

It seems as though Microsoft is taking this view on things too. Just a few weeks after Internet Explorer 9’s release, they released Internet Explorer 10 platform preview. Also, just a month after Firefox 4’s release, Mozilla announced the release date for Firefox 5, which is the week of June 29th. So now it looks as if the companies who work on these major browsers are speeding up their release dates and stepping up the quality of the releases.


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