More Social Networking Restrictions?!

California has proposed a new bill and if it were to pass it would require Facebook, Myspace, basically any social network, to strengthen their policies and this would essentially restrict them even more.

The bill will basically force all social networking sites to strip out personal information for children at a parent’s request. The politician who proposed this bill found the default security settings on most social networks to be too revealing about everyone’s information,¬†especially for children and teenagers. If the social networks were not to abide by this bill if it were to pass, they would be fined a hefty $10,000 and can be sued on top of that.

So this bill, otherwise known as the Social Networking Privacy Act, can help some people in some ways. If parents don’t want their kid’s personal information out there, now they can demand that it be stripped away. But this can cause social networks a lot of strain as well. As long as they do what they’re told, this won’t be much of a problem.


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