Chromium Notebook: My Views

Google has finally announced the release of their Chromium Notebook. This is a laptop with the Chrome operating system freshly installed and ready to go. It’s set to release June 15th and here’s some look at how this laptop will work.

The Chrome OS is something special, I must say. Its start up time is spectacular at a whopping 8 seconds on average. This decimates the start up time of any Windows or Macintosh machine. The reason it starts up so fast is because it eliminates BIOS start up, OS Primitives, Hardware Detection, Load and Start Kernel, Load and Start Bootloader, Login, Splash Screen, Invisible Startup Apps, Antivirus Software, and a bunch of other things. The list goes on and on. Most of you are probably thinking: Oh yeah! That sounds great! I’m dropping Windows and going straight to Chromium baby! But not so fast, this Chrome OS is strictly INTERNET BASED.

If you’re anything like me, you just flinched when you heard that. If you’re wondering why you should have flinched, I’ll tell you. To me, this cuts out all the means of a computer because this means no downloading programs like Eclipse from which I can code on, no screwing around with fancy networking stuff, nothing. But we need to think here. Most people that use computers aren’t like you or me. They’re not power users. They spend most of their time on the internet, or “The Cloud” as it’s called.

So, in essence, Google has accomplished something that hasn’t been done before. They’ve gotten people where they usually want to be in 8 seconds: The web. And since the Intel Dual Core Processor basically has nothing to focus on than a Browser, it’s really fast. And yes, in all reality, this Chrome Notebook is only a browser.

So, all in all, I would never get this laptop. I do way more things on my Windows machine than browse the web. The Chromium Notebook would just slow me down, but it is ideal for most people out there who are not power users like you and I are.


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