Which Programming Lanauge Is Best For Me?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about programming. To be more forward, programming languages in general. The most obvious question and most frequent is: Which programming language is best for me? Also: What programming language should I start out with? Well, I can’t tell you which you should or shouldn’t start out with, but I can certainly help you make your decision.

There are many programming languages out there, but I’m going to talk about these three: Java, Python, and C++.  These languages are very popular and are used everywhere. Here’s an overview of them.

Python: A scripting language largely used with developing Linux applications. The syntax is short and simple and is arguably one of the easiest to learn and pick up.

C++: This programming language has a more advanced syntax and is used to develop applications over a variety of operating systems, especially the Windows line.  This language is used in the actual development of the Windows operating systems and all of the major games for the major consoles are written in this language.

Java: This language lives by the motto “Write once, run anywhere.”  This is because languages like C++ and Python must be rewritten to fit a certain type of operating system. For example, a Windows program written in C++ won’t run on a Mac computer. This is not the case with Java. Once you write your program in Java, that program will run on Windows the same way it will run on Unix, Mac, Linux; any operating system out there.

Most people say to start out with Python since it’s easy to grasp. I disagree with this because the syntax is so simple that whenever a person moves onto another language they will be confused of how everything works and the advancement of the keywords and syntax. Java and C++ do indeed have more complicated syntax, but you will come out of learning the programming language with a better knowledge of how everything works and you can move onto higher and better things.  Out of the three, Java is the easiest language to maintain for you don’t have to separate anything into Modules or Headers like in C++ or Python.

I hope I have helped you with your programming language decision, and I will see you on my next post.


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Jared's the name, computers are the game. This blog is about computer related material. I'll talk about the hottest software, operating systems and comparisons, hardware and issues, maybe even a written tutorial here and there.
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