The Eternal Argument: Which Windows Is Better? The Outside Part 1

The Shell of an operating system is the part of the operating system that you can see.  An example of this would be a new window (or frame for you technical people) that you open, a folder that appears on your desktop, basically anything that you can see and click is the shell. I’m going to start by going over the look of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.  Please note that nearly everything I say about the shell of each operating system is opinionated.   You can form your own conclusions about what you think, but I’m just telling what people found to be true.

Many people agreed about one thing about Windows XP:  It has the ugliest interface of any Windows operating system.  The new start button compared to previous versions of Windows stood out too much and looked very sloppy in many people’s opinions.  The new look of the GUI didn’t help the onslaught of insults.

Windows Vista introduced a new look for the line of operating systems known as Windows Aero.  This made the GUI transparent and made the buttons on the top corner smoother; a new scroll bar was also added.  A new start button came with this new look, along with a view desktop button.

Even though Windows Vista introduced this new look, people still found a problem with it.  Many people, including me, did not like the fact that the view desktop button was right next to the start button, causing you to accidentally bring up the start menu if you didn’t place your clicks carefully.

Windows 7 kept the Windows Aero look, but came with many visual updates.  The taskbar was updated with bigger icons and a better functionality.  You can now also move the icons around on the taskbar instead of them staying in a fixed position.  New functions like Aero Shake, Aero Peek, and Jump Lists were also added, making it easier for you to organize your desktop and make Windows your own.

Those were the details of the look of each operating system.  Even though I would love to help you decide which visual aspects you like best, I cannot.  You must figure that part out on your own.  I will see you next time when I conclude this analysis of these three operating systems.


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