The Eternal Argument: Which Windows Is Better? Under The Hood Part 2

The kernel.  Arguably the most important part of an operating system, this is the part that handles data transfers and information input output.  Continuing from the last post in this mini series, which operating system has the best kernel: Windows XP, Vista, or 7.

The Windows XP kernel compared to the Windows Vista kernel lacked very many things. Vista overcame many improvements with its kernel.  A faster file handling system is a major improvement, among many security enhancements, also handled in the kernel.  But Windows 7 surpasses them all.

The Windows 7 kernel is the first original kernel for the Windows operating system since Windows 95.  Every Windows operating system before Windows 7 was derived from the Windows 95 kernel.  Many people believe Vista was so slow because the kernel eventually got so cluttered with information and code that it screwed up the information handling system. But that’s just a sidewinder theory; it’s hard to tell what was actually wrong with Vista.

Like I said, Windows 7 is the first operating system that has a newly coded kernel since Windows 95.  This came with many improvements that overcame Vista like faster file handling and a more secure kernel.

So there we have it.  Now that we know that Windows 7 has a completely new kernel and many more enhancements to the kernel, we can conclude one thing:  Windows 7 has a better kernel!  We are one step closer to finding out which Windows operating system is better.  In the next post, I will be talking about the appearance of each operating system; otherwise known as the shell.


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