The Eternal Argument: Which Windows Is Better? Under The Hood Part 1

Ah, the eternal argument: which Windows operating system is better?  As far as most of us can remember, everyone has said that Vista is by far the worst but XP is the best.  But then a new player came into the field: Windows 7.  After a lot of research, I have deducted which operating system I think is the best between the three. My next several posts will be going over each operating system. First a couple of posts of how they run, then a couple of posts about there visual aspects. Here is some information on the different operating systems.

Windows XP: Requires less system resources than the other two and doesn’t use a lot of RAM or CPU data.  But, the bad thing is, there will no longer be compatible driver updates in the near future.

Windows Vista: A lot of people hated this operating system.  This operating system is relatively secure and has many drivers available.

Windows 7: The newest of the three.  Many people claim that this is what Windows Vista should have been.  It is more secure than the other two operating systems, but uses more system resources than XP but less than Vista.  Also came with many bug fixes that Vista had.

In the next post I will be talking about arguably the most important aspect of an operating system: The Kernel.


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4 Responses to The Eternal Argument: Which Windows Is Better? Under The Hood Part 1

  1. Ryuguns says:

    Awesome! I’m excited to see the next part of this argument between the different version of windows. Would you mind also making an argument between different Linux Operating Systems?

    • specialtechs says:

      I think I may do that in the near future. Seeing as I’ve never used an actual Linux operating system it would be hard to give my true opinion. In my next couple of posts I’ll be going over each operating system’s kernel and shell, then I’ll most likely wrap it up and move onto a different subject. I have many subjects in different categories planned. But I see myself doing Linux operating systems in time.

  2. ok,First i must say am excited about this blog,but to the business of the day,i feel Windows 7 is the best out of them all,cause i hard a chance to use it recently,i mean it reformats it’s self incase user gets a virus that ruins stuff on your computer beyond anti-virus repair,but the disadvantages of the windows operating system is enormous that makes me dislike them all..1) It does not delete files completely,it only just cleans the from the FAT(file allocation table),so when ever you think you deleted stuff on your windows computer,in reality the data is still there,you only just made your computer forget were it is. 2) Its Vulnerability to Viruses,even though windows has tried to deal with its security issues with the creation of Windows7,i still think its not enough..but based on the bad functionality of the past two versions,not being able to solve this problems i stated..i believe Windows7 is better or in other words manageable in the PC world

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